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Film to DVD

Remember home movies? Dad would thread the projector, turn out the lights, and you'd watch them flicker on a screen across the room. Give those old home movies and pictures new life by transferring them to a video format and enjoy the convenience of popping them into your DVD player.

Save the Memories

At Service Video Taping we preserve your memories with film-to-DVD transfers that last for generations. We can also transfer them to a mini-DV tape format for future editing purposes.

Handle with Care

Old movie film is delicate and sensitive. Therefore, transferring film is a hands-on process that requires careful attention to detail. Plus, like all work done at Service Video Taping, the film never leaves our facility. All work is done in our own lab to assure a quality job.

1st Step

Determine the Order in Which You Want Your Film or Prints to Be Transferred by Numbering Them
Video Projector — Film to DVD transfer services in Bellevue, WA

2nd Step

Determine the Amount of Footage You Have
• 3-Inch Reel Holds 50 Feet of Film
• 5-Inch Reel Holds 200 Feet of Film
• 6-Inch Reel Holds 300 Feet of Film
• 7-Inch Reel Holds 400 Feet of Film

Note: 5-inch and larger reels often have a footage scale stamped into the side of them.

Transfer Rates

• 8mm & Super 8mm Transfer $0.14 per Foot
• 16mm Transfer $0.12 per Foot
• Prints $0.75 Each

Running time of film is approximately 900 feet per hour for 8mm and super 8mm; 2,000 feet per hour for 16mm; and prints held at 6 seconds each equals 600 per hour. Music may be added for $25 per hour.

Contact us about our video transfers to secure the content on older tapes.
Service Video Taping
14400 Bel Red Road, Suite 104
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